I love these anointed couple called and chosen to pastor in Bakersfield and just cannot express how awesome Pastor Tyler and First Lady Tyler are!!!!

-J. Rodriguez


The word of God could not be delivered in a more understanding way than how pastor Tyler presents it so it fills the soul an makes it easy to know why we need the church and more so Jesus.

-H. Palmer


I came all the way from the East Coast and this church is the first (and only) church I've had the pleasure of being a part of so far. I know that I don't need to keep looking for a church home because I felt so welcomed here and the service is amazing. With all the grace,love,and knowledge that flows,  the cross Christian church is a place of peace for me and I look forward to going every week!(:

-F. Jackson


Yesterday my family and I attended the TLC EVENT ur church and staff and helpers made us fill so blessed and loved and welcomed everyone had on a pretty smile the most amazing personalitys everyone was so amazing friendly the made me fill welcomed and loved thank u again cross Church u guys are amazing.

-A. Cruz


I think it's amazing it is bringing me so close to GOD and I used to be so far away I don't know were I would be if it weren't for GOD and the Cross Christian CHURCH its up lifting it makes you want to server GOD the way we should and do for god like he doo for us I'm thankful for the Cross and everyone in it I'm mad I didn't make it today I had work but I won't forget about God when my check come cuz GOD didn't forget about me and with out him I wouldn't have had the job or no check so I'm give God the praise and glory even in my darkest hour AMEN!!!!!!!

-E. Brown


I love the Cross. The pastor and wife are sooo dear to my heart. God is moving greatly in their lives. When i need a fill up i go to the Cross. When i need love i go to the Cross. When i need a word i go to the Cross. I just love the Cross!!!

-R. Harris


Visited there today they were very friendly thank u sis Dena for the special  invite everyone greeted me and made me feel so welcome.

-S. Carter


I have experienced praise and worship with this church and I can honesty say I haven't been the same since I can recall pastor T laying hands and praying for me I was changed forever.

-S. Brown