Our Pastors At The Cross you will experience a spirit-filled environment where as a believer you will begin or continue to be empowered and encouraged through the word of God. We are committed to walking in God’s word, talking God’s word and living God’s word for the rest of our lives.
Pastor Toure' Tyler Co-Pastor Rolanda Tyler
Pastor Toure' Tyler

Inspiring, Energetic Creative and Innovative, are just a few of the terms used when you are describing Toure’ Tyler. Speaking to youth and young adults alike is his trademark to for young people’s success. Toure’s mission and vision is to educate, empower and envision the youth of today becoming accomplished in their dreams of tomorrow. Motivating the next generation is a vital challenge for him and he focuses on transforming the minds of the young by developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically.


Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Toure’ soon discovered that his voice could be heard above the gangs, drugs and perils of life that often times surrounded him. He always believed that if he could motivate himself that he would in-turn achieve the accomplishment by motivating others. He graduated with scholastic and athletic honors from high school. From there he attended The University of Arkansas of Pine Bluff, where he received his bachelors degree in business administration.


Toure’ wanted to further his education and become active in his community so he began a program who’s efforts were to develop African-American young men in becoming educators for the Chicago Public School system. This teacher program was initiated at Chicago State University, where he began his liberal arts & English studies under the instruction of the late Donda West.


After completing his educational endeavors in Chicago, Toure’ headed west to California and began his new career in counseling In 2002 he received his Pupil Personal Service Credential & Masters in Educational Counseling from the University of Laverne. He began working in the Bakersfield City School District and then was hired as head counselor with the Delano Joint Union High School District. Mr. Tyler was also sought out to work in the Kern High School District. He will be enrolling in a local university this fall to currently become a candidate for his Doctorate in counseling and will receive his licensure for professional counseling.


As he continues to develop young men and women alike, Toure’ has been compelled to deliver an even strong message to the youth of today, by cultivating a unique style of theology and motivation, he has launched out into the deep by birthing The Cross Christian Church. Conducting bible study in his home with 15 motivated young adult members, he decided to step out on faith and begin pastoring. While Toure’ was counseling in the school system he was also mentoring in the “church steeples”, and for 10 years now has been leading the secular and the spiritual alike into their destiny.


Always having a special vision and a niche to reach young America, Toure’ developed has developed several programs to interject strength, encouragement and hope into the lives of countless teenagers. The G.Y.M. (God’s Young Men) program is for surely one of the hallmarks of his youth pastoring career. Within a short period of 3 years, Toure’ led 22 young men in a vow of manhood and abstaining from the vicissitudes of life.


He is currently directing ex-gang members and prior felons on the road to recovering with a young men’s mentoring program. Mr. Tyler counsels couples prior to marriage and attempts to re-establish disconnected relationship with fathers and their children.  He currently serves as a Board Member for the Smiles 4 Life program.  This program is designed to promote healthy smiles for underprivileged youth and teens that are unable to afford a quality dental and orthodontic  provider.


Although he has had significant and measurable success in motivating people. There is no greater accomplishment than the family that he serves. Toure’ is the proud husband of Rolanda Tyler and devoted father to his precious little ones Zoe Rae and Houston Ray Tyler.


Motivation is essential to every human beings success, without it you become a ship with no sail. Keeping it on the real is what Toure’ Tyler does, he is the motivational speaker that becomes the wind beneath your wings by empowering people in becoming everything that they were always intended to be.


Co-Pastor Rolanda Tyler

She’s independent, confident, intelligent and a Christian after God’s own heart. These are just a few of the vast virtues that Rolanda possesses. She is the epitome of what a honorable women should strive to be. Taking young and mature women from where they think they should be, to where God said they should be, is her desire. Her peaceful spirit, loving heart, and dedication for God’s people allow women from all walks of life to connect with a strong spirit filled woman.


Rolanda Tyler is the mother of two, however a mentor to many. In the year of 2000, Rolanda was led by the lord to create a character builder and etiquette specifically designed for teenaged girls.  Sisters of Virtue instructs young ladies on living a lifestyle that will enable them to become the virtuous woman that God has called them to be.


Speaking into the lives of faithful females is a mandated call from heaven, but educating the next generation, is a passion of Rolanda’s heart.  For over 17 years now Rolanda has been teaching, educating, and cultivating the lives of the young as a teacher in the public school sector. Teaching has always been a natural trait that she exudes in every facet and in each school subject that she teaches. She designed a program called Project Excellence as an afterschool, tutorial and mentoring program for elementary and Jr. High School children.


Rolanda is now embarking upon her greatest commission as of to date. She now represents her lord and savior Jesus Christ as the first Lady of the house, at the Cross Christian Church. Her expectations are professional, her motives are pure and her anointing permeates all of God’s people.


By definition her name means to be “well-known” and “loved by all”, those expressions of her truly describes her womanhood. Leading her community to salvation, becoming many peoples inspiration, and praying for God’s redemption is a top priority in seeing lives changed. She is the proud mother of Houston and Zoe and has been happily married for over 10 magnificent years.