our History

Since it’s inception the Cross Christian Church has always had a heart for people who desire a stronger, evident and true spiritual relationship with the Lord. The Cross Christian Church was birthed out the essential need to share the gospel with all of God’s creation. After youth pastoring for 10 years,Toure’ and Rolanda began counseling youth and young adult alike, providing guidance, direction and leadership qualities.  It was in 2007 when Toure’ and Rolanda began conducting a weekly bible study in their living room.  One person told another and in less than 5 months the bible study swelled to over 34 individuals. Something had to happen, a change needed to be made, however this wasn’t the moment of conception for the church.


On August 2nd, 2009 Houston Tyler was born with severe life threatening complications. It was a trial of life that only God knows how everyone made it through. It was also at this inconvenient time when Toure’ began praying and fasting asking God what in the world is going on. The Lord spoke and revealed his true calling, and the pastor within him was able to overcome the problems that his son was battling. Houston pulled through, Rolanda was relieved and as death was defeated, the Cross Church was birthed.


Rolanda began retrieving already developed Sunday School and children church lessons and young lady character curriculums to enhance the ministry. Toure’ began writing, reading and reciting the word of God, in preparation of launching into the deep waters of faith in for the opening service.  Before you know it that glorious day was upon them.  April 4th 2010 the Cross Christian Church opened its doors for their  first“Born Again” service.  There were many in attendance and since then the church has experienced exponential growth. The Cross, currently serves close to 100 in attendance each and every Sunday.


The Cross Christian Church is a non-denominational church that loves to love people. From all walks of life, denominations and cultural origins, the Cross serve people of Kern County with love, honesty and respect.  God has assembled some the most caring and nurturing Christians to build this dynamic and diverse ministry. Testimonials are prevalent, healing is evident and teaching God’s word is consistent. Each day, week and month, the Cross Christian Church becomes a place where are changing peoples’ lives through the word of God.