Elder George Molden

Bro. George is a talented musician, father, and newlywed to his lovely wife- Sandra. Bro. George was initially drawn to The Cross because of the Love and Fellowship present at this ministry. He has been a faithful servant within The Cross for the past four years as the Minister of Music and now serves as an Elder. Bro. George calls The Cross Christian Church home because God is the head of the Cross and "when I came in was broken and looking for restoration and I got my life back through the Cross family and our awesome leadership of Pastor Toure and First Lady Rolanda"


Deacon Bryan Guyton

Bro. Bryan has been with The Cross since it was rst birthed out the

living room of Pastor and First Lady Tyler's home. Like many Christians Bro. Bryan has had his shares of battles, but through it all

he has remained faithful. Bro. Bryan is a member of The Cross

praise team. In addition to being a single dad he is also a faithful

assistant to Pastor Tyler. Bro. Bryan shares that what called him to The Cross was the Lord and what has kept him here was witnessing our Pastor and First Ladie's level of faith during a crisis.


Deaconess Alexis Gonzalez

Sis. Alexis has been with The Cross for approximately five years. She had the opportunity to serve under Pastor and First Lady Tyler when they were first youth Pastors at a previous ministry. Sis Alexis works closely with Pastor and First Lady in implementing and creating new programs and ministries as well as staff and volunteer oversight as her role as the Director of Staff and Ministry

Services. Sis Alexis is a newlywed and shares "I love being able to work in ministry alongside my husband (Walter Gonzalez) . It's so amazing because we both just get it, we're both in agreement on building the Kingdom"


Deacon Walter Gonzalez

Bro. Walter has been with The Cross for four years, but ocffially as a member for three years. Bro. Walter is currently a member of The Cross's praise team and works with Elder George Molden as the team's vocal director. Bro. Walter also does graphic design work for The Cross and handles the screen images on Sunday mornings. Bro. Walter shares that the reason he calls The Cross home is because: "Despite the fact that this was my wife's church home

before we got married and I moved up here, my main reason for ocially joining the Cross is because I saw that this was a place

where I could grow and develop in my walk with Jesus Christ. Where I could build on what I have learned from my previous

ministry experience. And where I could not just sit and listen to the Word on Sunday mornings, but where I could actually use my talents and skills to serve the ministry and build the Kingdom of God."


Deaconess Danita Stevens

Sis Danita has been with The Cross since May 2013 when the Lord led her here through reading about us online through our website and blogs! Sis Danita is a retiree, parent, grandma, and servant of the Lord! She currently assists as an alter worker and is a leader in our food ministry, The Joseph Project. Sis Danita shared that she knew The Cross was home because The Cross was were God was pleased to placed her!.